Can You Freeze Strawberries – How To Freeze Strawberries

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can you freeze strawberriesWho does not love luscious strawberries in the summer?  Even better would be to have them to enjoy year round.

Can You Freeze Strawberries?

Strawberries can be frozen so it is not hard to enjoy an angel food cake with strawberries and whipping cream even in December.

How To Freeze Strawberries

To freeze strawberries you should remove the stem and cap.  My family had a trick to remove the hull and the stem at the same time!  If you poke a straw into the bottom of the berry and push it all the way through the hull will be removed along with the stem!  Blow it out the end of your straw and you are ready to do the next one!

You can freeze your berries whole without sugar which is a great way to preserve them to throw into smoothies!  Wash the berries quickly so that the fruit maintains its nutrients and lay the berries on paper towel or dish towels to dry.

Try to keep air out of containers by packing them full, without squishing the berries, or by putting the berries in bags and squishing out as much air as you can.  Your straw could come in handy here as well as you can use it to suck the air out of the bag.

You can freeze sweetened strawberries by cutting the berries in half or slicing them into a bowl.  Add half a cup of sugar for every four cups of berries.  Stir the berries gently until the sugar has dissolved and put them into freezer containers or freezer bags.  These are the berries you use for your angel food cake or an addition to a nice summer patio drink!

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