Can You Freeze Ginger Root – How To Freeze Ginger Root

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can you freeze ginger rootGinger root is one of those products that sits in a little basket in the produce aisle at the grocery store seemingly just for decoration. I mean who actually buys that weird gnarly looking piece of wood.  What would anyone do with something like that?  Well, I believe everyone should have ginger root on their grocery list every time they shop.  The fact that it is delicious in so many types of recipes is just the beginning.  Ginger is known for a wide variety of health benefits from reducing inflammation to helping treat diseases like arthritis to drastically improving nausea.  So now that I have you convinced to buy ginger root, what do you actually do with it when you get it home.

Can You Freeze Ginger Root?

Ginger root is really easy to freeze and takes no time at all.

How To Freeze Ginger Root

Start with the freshest ginger root that you can find.  You want firm fragrant ginger root as it will have the best flavor.  You can get it at the supermarket but if they do not have any that looks great try looking for it at an Asian market where there is a higher demand for it. You can put unpeeled ginger root straight into a freezer safe container and pop it in the freezer.  I like to add ginger root to a smoothie for a little kick.  To keep this super easy, I peel the ginger root and cut it into individual chunks and then trow them into a freezer bag.  This lets me grab a piece of ginger root and throw it right into the blender for a yummy and healthy smoothie.

That’s really all there is to it.  It is that easy.  If you have a large piece of ginger root you can cut it into smaller pieces so that it will take up less space and you can take smaller amounts out of the freezer at a time.

If you are making recipes that use julienned or chopped ginger root, you can prepare it ahead of time and then freeze it.

It is a good idea to use the ginger within about six months.  If you leave it longer than that you can still use it but it may lose some of its flavor.

To use your ginger if you have frozen it in whole pieces, you can take a piece from the freezer and grate as much as you need.  You do not have to thaw it first and it is easier to grate when it is frozen.  If you do not use it all, return the unused portion to the freezer.

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