Can You Freeze Coffee – How To Freeze Coffee

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can you freeze coffeeCoffee made from fresh grounds has a better aroma, more flavor, and a sweeter taste.  When you buy coffee from a grocery store the canister will have a best before date on it which may range in days or months from the time the coffee was roasted.  Buying coffee from bulk bins will mean that the grounds have been exposed to light and oxidation which will affect the freshness of the grounds.  Coffee grounds that are beyond their best before date may produce coffee that lacks flavor, is flat, and tastes bitter or woody.

Can You Freeze Coffee?

Coffee does have a limited shelf life so if you want truly fresh coffee, freezing the fresh grounds is an option.  Also, freezing the whole coffee beans and grinding just before use will provide a more uniform flavor.

How To Freeze Coffee

If you choose to freeze your coffee it is best to do so as soon as possible after it has been roasted.  In saying this, if you buy grocery store coffee this is not necessarily a plausible scenario.  If you are buying freshly roasted and ground coffee at a roaster, freeze it as soon as you get home if you are not going to use it right away. Also, you can purchase the beans whole if you enjoy grinding them with each use.

Put your coffee grounds/beans in an airtight, opaque container.  Make sure you fill the container to capacity so that there is zero room for air and push the lid on tightly.  A better option if it is available to you is to use commercial plastic coffee valve bags so that you can express all of the air.  If you do use a valve bag, put a piece of tape over the valve before you freeze it so that no air can enter through the valve.  Freeze the coffee at the lowest temperature possible and put it in a place where it will be disturbed as little as possible.

When you bring the coffee out to thaw it, put it in a dark place where it will not be exposed to light or air.  Coffee frozen in this way should maintain all or most of its freshness but once it is thawed should be used within a week to ten days.


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