Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt – How To Freeze Greek Yogurt

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can you freeze greek yogurtYogurt has been around forever and the idea of eating yogurt as part of a healthy diet has been popular for decades.  Greek yogurt is a relatively new addition to the yogurt scene.  One look at the yogurt aisle in any supermarket and it is abundantly clear that yogurt in general and Greek yogurt specifically is an extremely popular food.

It’s  not really a surprise that yogurt is so well loved.  Its full of calcium and protein making it a great snack.  There even lactose free yogurts for those that love dairy but not the lactose.  Yogurt will boost the creaminess and health benefits of a fruit smoothie.  It’s even a great substitute for sour cream.

Greek yogurt has become extra popular because it has even more protein than traditional yogurt and has a unique tang that makes it especially satisfying.  It also typically has less sugar than other yogurts giving it superiority with those trying to cut carbs and lose weight.

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

The shelf life of Greek yogurt can be extended by freezing it if you have too much on hand to use before the expiration date.  Freezing Greek yogurt will not cause it to lose any of its nutrients but the texture may change a little.  You will want to give it a stir before eating it or if you find you don’t like the texture you may be someone who just wants to freeze it in recipe size portions or small smoothie portions.

How To Freeze Greek Yogurt

You can freeze unopened containers in your freezer but there is the possibility that the yogurt will expand.  To avoid and disasters inside my freezer I like to transfer the yogurt to freezer bags and freeze them flat.

Another option is to divide the yogurt into ice cube trays so that I have cubes of frozen yogurt to use in smoothies.  Once the yogurt is frozen in the ice cube tray, remove the cubes and transfer them to an airtight container or a freezer bag.  You can just pull them out as you need them to add them to your morning smoothie.

Unopened Greek yogurt should last a couple of months past the best before date in your freezer.  If you have opened it, it is best to use it up within a month.  Make sure you check the yogurt for spoilage if you are not sure and if it seems to have spoiled, throw out the whole container.

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