I do like grains and with a mostly vegetarian daughter, finding unique grains that provide protein, vitamins, and minerals is a must.  I stumbled across freekeh and decided to give it a try.  Freekeh is part of and derived from durum wheat so it is definitely not gluten free so those with sensitivities or celiac should skip this grain. Freekeh is an ancient grain that originated from northern Africa and the Mediterranean Basin.  It is the result of harvesting durum wheat while it is still…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Freekeh – How To Freeze Freekeh”

Injera has been my answer to my family standoff on teff.  Yes, I am aware that I could freeze teff but my real problem is how to use it and make everyone at the table happy. My husband loves teff just cooked as is and used as a rice replacement.  I’m of the opinion that that seems a little boring so I stumbled across injera.  It is an Ethiopian flatbread made of teff which stands to reason since teff is an indigenous Ethiopian grain. This…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Injera – How To Freeze Injera”

Quinoa is a very nutritional addition to your diet.  It is full of vitamins, minerals and protein while being low in calories.  It is easy to incorporate quinoa into your diet because of its versatility; it goes with everything.  It can be used as a meal itself with the addition of a few simple ingredients or it can be used as a side dish with meat and vegetables.  Using quinoa can help to improve your health without any effort at all.  Also quinoa is a…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Quinoa – How To Freeze Quinoa”

I have a confession to make.  I have the most clutter prone habit of cutting recipes out of magazines and newspapers that require ingredients that I have never heard of but the picture of the final product looks so appetizing that I just can’t resist.  In that moment I really believe that I will research and purchase all of these foreign ingredients and produce an equally delicious meal. Unfortunately, it just never really happens, until very recently when a friend told me about a fabulous…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Farro – How To Freeze Farro”

Spaghetti with meat sauce, baked spaghetti pie cheesy spaghetti…ok, now I’m hungry!  I guess i never grew out of my love for spaghetti.  I’m a huge pasta fan in general but spaghetti holds a special place in my heart and my stomach. It’s a breeze to cook up for a weeknight meal and because it tastes great with virtually anything, I can scrounge through the pantry for toppings and it looks like I planned ahead.  It’s true that is loaded with carbs but with active…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Spaghetti – How To Freeze Spaghetti”

Kamut, also known as Khorasan Wheat, is an ancient grain with a bit of a mysterious story.  Some say Noah found the grain after the flood and others have termed it “Tut’s Wheat” as it is believed to have been found in King Tut’s tomb.  Regardless of its true origins, Kamut is a grain similar to wheat that is currently cultivated almost exclusively in the U.S.A. and Canada. Kamut does contain gluten so although it may be better tolerated by people with gluten sensitivity, it…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Kamut – How To Freeze Kamut”

Healthy eating is becoming more a more prevalent and what a great thing!  Simply consuming a low-calorie nutrient dense diet has unbelievable long term health benefits.  In addition, many more people are becoming aware of personal gluten allergies or intolerance.  Others just want to incorporate a gluten free diet into their lives to improve overall health. Making these kinds of choices can seem overwhelming but there are so many grain options available that it is really quite easy.  Ancient grains are a wonderful substitute for…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Sorghum – How To Freeze Sorghum”

About the size of a poppy seed, Teff grain was originally grown in Ethiopia and Eritrea.  It has a mild nutty flavor and is full of nutritional benefits.  Teff is high in protein, calcium, and iron.  Teff can be eaten steamed, boiled or baked and used as a side dish or main course meal.  Teff, when ground into flour, makes a good gluten-free flour alternative.  It is great for making pie crusts, cookies, breads, and other baked goods. Can You Freeze Teff? Often times you…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Teff – How To Freeze Teff”

Rice is one of my daughter’s favorite foods.  She would eat it by the bowlful with nothing else if she had the chance.  It’s great to have at meals as it is inexpensive, filling, and can be used with a variety of dishes.  Sometimes rice seems to take forever to cook though. I know it is only about a half hour but that can seem like a long time when my daughter has curling practice after school and then 45 minutes to spare before figure…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cooked Rice – How To Freeze Cooked Rice”