Can You Freeze Nuts Nuts of all varieties can be expensive to purchase and difficult to use up before they go bad in the pantry.  Don’t waste money throwing out rancid nuts.  Freezing nuts will greatly prolong their shelf life. Nuts kept in the pantry can turn rancid in as quickly as a few weeks due to their inherent oil and fat content.  Nuts can be kept in the refrigerator for about one year but freezing them will keep them fresh for up to 2…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Nuts – How To Freeze Nuts”

Can You Freeze Calzones Calzones are a delicious food for quick weeknight dinners, casual weekend meals, or lunches to go.  Making calzones ahead and freezing them are a perfect way to speed up dinner on those crazy evenings and have easy packed lunches throughout the week. Calzones are a delicious comfort food with the traditional pizza style recipes of cheese and sauce (maybe a little pepperoni thrown it), but they can also be lightened up by using some healthier fillings.  Leftover chicken shredded up or…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Calzones – How To Freeze Calzones”

Can You Freeze Cookie Dough? Freezing cookie dough is a great option to have for making fresh cookies on little notice.  Cookie dough lasts very well in the freezer and makes fresh cookies a breeze. How To Freeze Cookie Dough My son has been completely in awe of his grandma’s ability to present fresh, warm homemade cookies in record time.  He really did believe that she had some special cookie baking magic.  When he got a little older, I had to let him in on…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cookie Dough – How To Freeze Cookie Dough”

Can You Freeze Cookies? Freezing cookies is a wonderful way to save time.  By making cookies when it is convenient and freezing them for later, you can have delicious homemade cookies in minutes.  Cookies fair quite well in the freezer with a few tips to make them last. How To Freeze Cookies The hardest part of freezing cookies is making them.  My mom used to make a dozen different types of cookies for Christmas.  She would start the baking process around Thanksgiving and keep them…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cookies – How To Freeze Cookies”

Can You Freeze Bacon? Freezing leftover bacon whether cooked or uncooked is easy and works great! With the proper technique, using leftover bacon piece by piece from the freezer is easy and convenient without any waste. There are a few simple ways to freeze bacon. Follow these easy steps to learn how! Bacon is a delicious way to start your day. Albeit not the most healthy food, bacon is satisfying and easy to prepare. As yummy as it is however, it can be difficult to…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Bacon – How To Freeze Bacon”

Coffee creamer comes is all shapes and sizes.  From liquids to powders, from hazelnut to fat-free, there is something to please every coffee drinker.  I myself am not much of a coffee creamer user.  I really do prefer my coffee black and pretty strong.  It’s not that I don’t love a creamy cup of flavored coffee but first thing in the morning, I’m really just looking for a wakeup call. Based on my very unscientific research, I would say that I am in the minority…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer – How To Freeze Coffee Creamer”

Pizza is arguably my most favorite food.  I basically lived on it throughout college and wouldn’t turn down a greasy cheesy slice right now if it was available.  Some things have changed for me however, and eating pizza several times a week as a 40 something just doesn’t have the lasting consequences that I want.  I mean I do enjoy a good workout but pizza calories are pretty extreme. I have also entered into the world of eating gluten-free which does severely limit the options…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cauliflower Pizza Crust – How To Freeze Cauliflower Pizza Crust”

Sangria has its origins in Spain and Portugal.  Sangria is a delicious blend of wine mixed with fruits and spices.  Red wine is typically used and sometimes additional items like orange juice and brandy are added.  Sangria is an extremely versatile party beverage.  Its sweet and fruity flavors are as welcome during the holidays as at a 4th of July party.  Not only are the flavors always welcome, but most sangria can be made with a low cost wine.  This makes for a delicious and…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Sangria – How To Freeze Sangria”

I really love being focused on eating healthy, clean foods.  They give you energy and just generally make you confident in your overall health.  But, really good pizza is not something I will ever turn down!  Yes, I keep the economy box of individually frozen, uncooked pizzas from the supermarket in my freezer for a quick kid’s meal, but I’m talking about really good pizza kitchen pizza. I am always amazed at the intense personal preferences that people have for their pizza.  Thin crust, thick…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cooked Pizza – How To Freeze Cooked Pizza”

Marsala is an Italian wine made only in Sicily.  It has strict regulations on its productions to qualify it as marsala wine.  It comes as a dry or sweet variation and the choice is made regarding how it will be used – dry for savory dishes and sweet for dessert/sweet dishes. I’m not going to begin to pretend that I am an expert on the nitty gritty details of marsala wine, but I do know that price does matter.  I have purchased marsala wine for cooking…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Marsala Wine – How To Freeze Marsala Wine”