My very first introduction to the nutty, chocolatey, creamy goodness that is Nutella was on a trip to Europe during high school.  I have no idea if it was just a new product first sold in Europe (because I am that old), or if I somehow just managed to miss out up to that point.  I had an amazing trip to several countries throughout Europe with a large group of friends, and I can honestly say that eating Nutella was a highlight.  That is how…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Nutella – How To Freeze Nutella”

The first thought I have when talking about Thousand Island dressing is my brother as we grew up.  He was not a fan of salads or vegetables of any type, but if they were swimming in Thousand Island dressing, he would gobble them up.  I conversely, absolutely loved fresh veggies and salads as a kid as was more than a little grossed out by his salad dressing obsession. Fast forward a few decades and I have come to realize what all of his fuss was…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Thousand Island Dressing – How To Freeze Thousand Island Dressing”

Cranberry Relish is one of those holiday dishes that most families just can’t live without. I myself never turn down the cylinder of jellied cranberry sauce from a can, but I don’t know many matriarchs that will allow that at their holiday table. My mother-in-law makes an absolutely delicious cranberry relish. She uses fresh cranberries and little tiny pieces of apple and oranges and more. It’s just the perfect amount of tang mixed with sweet mixed with crunch. Honestly, the holidays just aren’t the same…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cranberry Relish – How To Freeze Cranberry Relish”

“Hold the ketchup, please.” said no one ever!  Ketchup has got to be one of the most beloved condiments of all time.  It tastes great on everything in my opinion.  I’m the person that puts ketchup on everything from French fries to scrambled eggs.  My son went so far as to spend one solid year of his life surviving on ketchup sandwiches.  So how could there ever be too much ketchup? Here is my experience.  Because of my deep love for the tomato condiment, I…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Ketchup – How To Freeze Ketchup”