I have just come to the end of a crazy, kid-activity filled summer.  It was great fun but I must admit to a true sense of giddiness as that school bus pulled away from the stop.  Back to school little kiddos!  I think my biggest source of joy comes from knowing that those kids are now forced to eat regular meals at regular intervals and I don’t have to drain my bank account trying to fill up their bellies.  I mean really, how much food…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Quark – How To Freeze Quark”

Ricotta cheese is one of those ingredients that I did not normally keep in my fridge.  Unfortunately when I would have a craving to cook up some Italian favorites, I would be stuck with a grocery store run. And let’s face it, lasagna absolutely needs the tangy cheesy goodness of ricotta cheese – no substitute will do. So, after a little research, I was overwhelmed by the delicious recipes available that use ricotta cheese.  From savory to sweet the versatility of this cheese is remarkable. …Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese – How To Freeze Ricotta Cheese”

Everyone loves a nice piping hot biscuit straight out of the oven.  You can break it open with your fingers and see the steam rise right out of the middle.  The butter melts without having to be spread and it tastes delicious just like that.  For an extra decadent treat you can add a little jam and enjoy it with a cold glass of milk or a nice warm cup of tea. The problem is that in order to make these biscuits, you have to…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Buttermilk – How To Freeze Buttermilk”

Mozzarella cheese is just a universally beloved cheese.  It’s mild flavor and creamy texture make it delicious on it’s own or used in a variety of dishes.  One of my favorite summer meal items is a caprese salad.  Whether serving as an appetizer for entertaining or using as a main course on a warm lazy summer evening, Mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh herbs are just simply delicious. Year round I love family pizza night.  When the nights are short and the school work is long nothing…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese – How To Freeze Mozzarella Cheese”

Cashew milk is lactose-free so it is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.  Nutrients contained in cashew milk vary from brand to brand as usually the milk is fortified with vitamins and minerals. You can also make cashew milk at home with just cashews and water.  For a little added flavor you can also add flavorings such as cinnamon or vanilla. Homemade cashew milk contains a much higher fat and carbohydrate content but keep in mind that it also has less additives. …Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cashew Milk – How To Freeze Cashew Milk”

I love baked brie with various toppings but brie can be expensive to buy at the supermarket.  I like to watch for sales and buy a wheel or two when the price is low.  I can then freeze it until I am ready to use it. Can You Freeze Brie Cheese? Soft cheeses, like brie, are harder to freeze than a hard cheese.  It will not look or taste quite the same once you have frozen it so it will not be good to serve…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Brie Cheese – How To Freeze Brie”

Since I was little lactose did not agree with me – at all!  In the 70’s and 80’s this was kind of a problem because it was understood that milk was super healthy for growing kids, but lactose free options were pretty limited. Thankfully, over the years the milk alternatives have become fairly mainstream and delicious as well. I have tried several different traditional lactose-containing milk alternatives, but soy milk is still my favorite.  It has all of the healthy stuff and it tastes great. …Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Soy Milk – How To Freeze Soy Milk”

Yogurt has been around forever and the idea of eating yogurt as part of a healthy diet has been popular for decades.  Greek yogurt is a relatively new addition to the yogurt scene.  One look at the yogurt aisle in any supermarket and it is abundantly clear that yogurt in general and Greek yogurt specifically is an extremely popular food. It’s  not really a surprise that yogurt is so well loved.  Its full of calcium and protein making it a great snack.  There even lactose free…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt – How To Freeze Greek Yogurt”

Feta cheese makes me think of Greek salad and pasta dishes.  I love feta cheese but find I do not go through enough of it to justify buying it often, and it’s not exactly the cheapest cheese in the store. So that’s why I bet you’re asking yourself “can you freeze feta cheese?” This would be a lot more economical, rather than having to throw away any unused portions. Can You Freeze Feta Cheese? Well, I discovered that feta freezes quite well; especially if you…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Feta Cheese – How to Freeze Feta Cheese”