Can You Freeze Teff – How To Freeze Teff

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can you freeze teffAbout the size of a poppy seed, Teff grain was originally grown in Ethiopia and Eritrea.  It has a mild nutty flavor and is full of nutritional benefits.  Teff is high in protein, calcium, and iron.  Teff can be eaten steamed, boiled or baked and used as a side dish or main course meal.  Teff, when ground into flour, makes a good gluten-free flour alternative.  It is great for making pie crusts, cookies, breads, and other baked goods.

Can You Freeze Teff?

Often times you can cook and freeze whole grains for a quick meal.  When you have busy days with no time to cook just pull out a package of your grain and add some fresh veggies or leftover beans or lentils to make it a meal.

That being said, this does not work for all grains.  Generally speaking it is a great idea for larger grains such as quinoa and rice.  Smaller, less hearty grains do not freeze well once they are cooked so it is not recommended to freeze pre-cooked teff.  If you freeze it once it is cooked the consistency will not be the same when you thaw it.

How To Freeze Teff

If you buy Teff in large quantities you can freeze it before you cook it so that you do not end up with weevils in your grains.  Weevils are little beetles that feed on whole and processed grains.  A good way to kill any weevils is to freeze your Teff for a couple of days.

You can put the entire package in the freezer for two days to eliminate the possibility of weevils.  If you plan on long term storage you will want to put the Teff into an airtight container in the freezer to ensure that it does not absorb any moisture.  Teff can also be bought as flakes or already ground into flour.  The flakes and flour can be frozen in the same way as the grain to preserve freshness.


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