Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs – How To Freeze Scrambled Eggs

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can you freeze scrambled eggsMornings can get hectic when you are trying to get everyone out the door but you do not want to skip the most important meal of the day.  A breakfast of toast and eggs can go a long way to stave off hunger pangs between breakfast and snack time!

Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

It is very simple to freeze scrambled eggs and they are great to have on hand for a quick and easy breakfast.

How To Freeze Scrambled Eggs

If you are going to freeze scrambled eggs, leave the eggs a little bit runny when you cook them.  The eggs will fully cook when you reheat them in the microwave or in a frying pan.

I like to freeze scrambled eggs in individual portion sizes so I can pull out a bag when I need it.  I put a serving into a sandwich size ziplock bag and squeeze all the air out.  I put all of the sandwich bags into a bigger freezer bag, squish out the air and put it in the freezer.

Make sure all of the air is out to prevent your eggs from getting freezer burn or a rubbery texture.

You can pull out a bag to have scrambled eggs on toast.  I like to grate a little cheddar to put on top as well.  Another excellent use is to pull them out and use them in breakfast burritos.

Once you have thawed the eggs for use, do not refreeze them.


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