Can You Freeze Sorghum – How To Freeze Sorghum

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can you freeze sorghumHealthy eating is becoming more a more prevalent and what a great thing!  Simply consuming a low-calorie nutrient dense diet has unbelievable long term health benefits.  In addition, many more people are becoming aware of personal gluten allergies or intolerance.  Others just want to incorporate a gluten free diet into their lives to improve overall health.

Making these kinds of choices can seem overwhelming but there are so many grain options available that it is really quite easy.  Ancient grains are a wonderful substitute for traditional gluten-containing products and they tend to have other health benefits as well.  Sorghum is an ancient grain with a variety benefits making it a delicious option when looking for such an alternative.  The list of nutrients is endless and its antioxidant properties are being shown to prevent certain types of cancer.

Can You Freeze Sorghum?

Sorghum can take up to an hour to cook so preparing this grain is bulk is almost a requirement to be able to incorporate it easily into a busy weeknight dinner rotation.  Luckily, freezing sorghum is quite easy and extremely successful.

How To Freeze Sorghum

Start by cooking a large batch of sorghum according to the package directions.  Add approximately one teaspoonful of butter or oil per cup of uncooked sorghum.  The oil/fat will help the grain retain its moisture content during the freezing process.

Allow the cooked sorghum to cool to room temperature.

Place the cooked sorghum in unit of use quantities into freezer bags.

When you are ready to use the sorghum simply grab a bag from the freezer and thaw.  The cooked, thawed sorghum can be warmed in the microwave covered with a moist paper towel or on the stove top.  If you intend to use the thawed sorghum in a cold salad it must be warmer first and then allowed to come to room temperature.  This will allow the sorghum to retain its moisture so it is fluffy and as delicious as the day you cooked it.

Give sorghum a try and you may never eat a different grain!


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