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can you freeze tacosIf there is one food item that my impossibly picky son will always eat its tacos.  The boy really loves Mexican food and tacos are far and away his favorite.  His picky eater rule list however in no way stops him from being forever starving making my job a real challenge.

I find that when I make a batch of taco meat he will eat it for two days but then any other leftovers tend to go to waste.  Throwing out food is just a real pet peeve of mine so I have come up with two strategies to solve my taco waste dilemma.

Can You Freeze Tacos?

Tacos can be frozen but a few simple strategies must be used to ensure a quality product when thawed.

How To Freeze Tacos

I have two go-to strategies for freezing tacos.

Option #1:

One option for freezing tacos is to make and freeze the actual taco.  I do this when there isn’t a whole lot of taco meat leftover.

Simply lay down a piece of aluminum foil and then a piece of plastic wrap over that.  I make the taco with just the meat and cheese.  Putting any vegetables like lettuce or tomatoes will give you a big mushy mess when you thaw it out.  Just add those when you’re ready to eat the taco if you wish.

Place the taco on the plastic wrap and wrap it tightly with the wrap and then overwrap with the aluminum foil.

Mark the little package with a date and pop it into the freezer.

These are a great option on a busy morning when it seems like there is no time to pack a lunch.  It’s like a little homemade frozen meal.  Just unwrap from the foil and plastic wrap, cover with a moist paper towel and microwave until warmed.  Presto, you can enjoy a hot, homemade packed lunch.

Option #2:

My second strategy for freezing tacos is to freeze the ingredients separately and make taco “kits”.  These are great because my thirteen year old picky son can grab a kit a quickly make himself a taco whenever he’s craving Mexican. I put these together when ground beef is on sale and a bulk purchase makes sense.

The first step is to whip up a big pan of taco meat with the recipe/seasoning of your choice.

Let this cool a bit.

Then I package the meat in individual freezer containers with enough meat to make two tacos (that is usually how many my son will eat at a time).

Then I separate the shredded cheese into single use servings and place in a freezer safe bag.  Remember to get as much air out of the bag as possible.

I actually take the tortillas out of their package and separate them with parchment paper before putting them into a freezer bag with two per bag.

Now that everything is separately packaged, I put the meat, cheese and tortillas together in the freezer as a “kit”.

How To Thaw Tacos

There’s nothing simpler than grabbing a taco kit out of the freezer for a quick Mexican meal.  At least this is one picky eater problem solved.

Option one simply needs to be removed from the freezer and removed from its wrap.  Place the taco on a microwave safe plate wrapped in a moist paper towel.  Microwave for about 40 seconds depending on your specific microwave. Enjoy!

For option two, remove the “kit” from the freezer.  The taco meat can be heated in the microwave or a pan on the stove.  Warm the tortillas in the microwave separated by a moist paper towel.  Put everything together based on your personal taste preferences and voila!  Mexican in a snap!


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