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can you freeze Nutella
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My very first introduction to the nutty, chocolatey, creamy goodness that is Nutella was on a trip to Europe during high school.  I have no idea if it was just a new product first sold in Europe (because I am that old), or if I somehow just managed to miss out up to that point.  I had an amazing trip to several countries throughout Europe with a large group of friends, and I can honestly say that eating Nutella was a highlight.  That is how good this product is.

That first time experiencing Nutella was primarily to spread a thick layer on toast.  After I got back from the trip and found it in the super market, I developed a real love of just using a spoon and eating it straight from the jar.  Unfortunately, as the years go by eating choices need to change slightly.  I still adore my Nutella but I try to use it in a more grownup manner with a variety of different recipes.

Nutella is delicious as a cake filling.  Cookies and brownies are never more decadent than with the addition of Nutella.  Hot chocolate becomes rich and creamy with the hint of nuttiness unique to Nutella.  And, who wouldn’t love to start their day with a crepe coated in Nutella and a sliced banana?  The possibilities are endless really.

Nutella is just so great to keep on hand but being sure that it stays fresh is important.  So how to preserve extra Nutella?

Can You Freeze Nutella?

There seems to be a great debate over whether freezing Nutella is a viable option.  The company does not recommend freezing Nutella, but I have never been one to follow all the rules.  I have found that freezing Nutella works just fine especially if you plan to use the thawed Nutella in a recipe.

How To Freeze Nutella

Nutella comes in a plastic bottle so bringing it straight home from the supermarket and putting the unopened bottle in the freezer is a simple and quick option.  The plastic bottle will not break, and the seal will keep air away from the Nutella protecting it from freezer burn.

But, what if you’ve already opened the bottle?  I’m not judging!  I know how good it is!  That’s still ok.  You can still freeze any extra Nutella to ensure its freshness for later use.

To freeze opened Nutella simply:

  • Fill freezer safe plastic containers or bags with unit of use amounts of Nutella.
  • Close the bags/containers removing as much air as possible.
  • Label and place in the freezer.

I try to limit my frozen to Nutella to 3 months in the freezer.  It might do great for longer time periods, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t be sure.

How To Thaw Nutella

Thawing Nutella is as easy as removing it from the freezer and letting it sit on the counter for a few hours until it is soft.  The oils may separate a bit at this point but a quick mix will solve this problem.  If I have used freezer bags, I let my kids squeeze away to mix it up.  It’s one of their jobs when they help me to bake, and they love it!

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