I went on the most amazing vacation with my husband to Jamaica this winter.  And although I could tell story after story about our adventures there, I was truly taken with the food.  One of my favorite places at the buffet was the fruit area.  Among the usual fruits, there was an exciting array of fruits that I had either never tried or never seen before. Star fruit was one of those that I had seen at times in my local grocery store, but never…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Star Fruit – How To Freeze Star Fruit”

Melons of all kinds come into my house, are promptly cut into bite-sized pieces and get devoured.  Seriously if a cut-up cantaloupe makes it 24 hours I’m amazed.  So what’s the easiest fix?  Buy 2 or 3 cantaloupes.  Here’s the catch.  The first cantaloupe tastes amazing, the second cantaloupe is kind of redundant and the third cantaloupe never gets cut-up and proceeds to rot and attract fruit flies on my counter.  So because my learning curve is a little long and I still make the…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cantaloupe – How To Freeze Cantaloupe”

I have always felt a little bit intimidated by an eggplant.  It is such a unique vegetable and its possibilities for use are tremendous.  Everyone knows that you should eat colorful foods and what has more color than a deep purple eggplant.  So when late summer comes and the markets are full of ripe eggplants I can get a bit carried away and buy up a huge supply.  It’s when I get home that I remember that using up all that eggplant will be a…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Eggplant – How To Freeze Eggplant”

Fava Beans or broad beans, are at least in my family, a relatively new addition to our diet.  I’m not sure how I missed these little guys growing up, but I’m determined to incorporate them in me and my kids’ diet now on a regular basis.  They are such an amazing vegetable.  Just packed full of nutrition from manganese to protein and everything in between, these little beans are a powerhouse food. Fava beans can be purchased year round as a dried product and used…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Fava Beans – How To Freeze Fava Beans”

It can be difficult to find jackfruit in the US and Canada. However you may have luck at a good Asian market if you have one available.  The fruit is native to South and Southeast Asia and is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world.  One fruit can weigh anywhere from 10 to 100 pounds. Jackfruit like most fruits is loaded with healthy vitamins and nutrients.  The fruit is exotic and has an usual but delicious flavor that is typically described as a mango, banana…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Jackfruit – How to Freeze Jackfruit”

  I used to think I had zero interest in eating spicy food but over the years that opinion has changed dramatically!  I’m not talking about those crazy dishes that leave you sweating and gasping for air, but some kick to food makes it interesting and remarkably satisfying.  Jalapenos are perfect for adding this spice to everyday meals. The pepper itself has a mild but slightly spicy taste while the seeds are what really heat up the flavor.  Therefore, you have total control with regards to…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Jalapenos – How To Freeze Jalapenos”

Broccoli is an excellent source of dietary fiber.  Aside from that, it also provides ample vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, and vitamin A.  Broccoli also contains magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, iron, and other minerals beneficial to a healthy diet. Can You Freeze Broccoli? But what is broccoli is out of season?  Raw broccoli can easily be frozen so that you will have access to this cruciferous vegetable all year round.  Follow these simple steps and you will have a supply in your freezer…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Broccoli – How To Freeze Broccoli”

It’s a fact that incorporating more leafy greens into your diet is a great way to improve your overall health and kale is one of the best options.  Kale is low in calories, high in fiber, and does not have any fat.  Who does not like the sound of that?  Kale is also known for its high iron content, a fact of which I am particularly fond since I am always fighting to keep my iron levels up.  Kale has many health benefits like decreasing…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Kale – How To Freeze Kale”

My daughter loves fresh peppers!  They are literally her most favorite food and she eats at least one every day.  Not that I can complain because they are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C.  They are also a beautiful addition to a veggie platter with some dip and fabulous cooked up in a stir fry.  Every now and then my grocery store will have a huge sale on peppers and I buy them up. Can You Freeze Peppers? One thing I like…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Peppers – How To Freeze Peppers”

I am the only one in my house who eats cabbage.  I find that most cabbages are much too large for me to buy and consume before it starts to go bad so I do not buy cabbage very often.  Then I found out that you can freeze it and I started craving fried cabbage with garlic and balsamic vinegar. Can You Freeze Cabbage? Thankfully, cabbage is relatively easy to freeze and will stay good in the freezer for several years. How To Freeze Cabbage…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Cabbage – How To Freeze Cabbage”