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can you freeze eggplantI have always felt a little bit intimidated by an eggplant.  It is such a unique vegetable and its possibilities for use are tremendous.  Everyone knows that you should eat colorful foods and what has more color than a deep purple eggplant.  So when late summer comes and the markets are full of ripe eggplants I can get a bit carried away and buy up a huge supply.  It’s when I get home that I remember that using up all that eggplant will be a real challenge.

Can You Freeze Eggplant?

Thankfully I have a couple of ways that I freeze eggplant that lets me sneak it into my diet all year round.

How To Freeze Eggplant

The first step to freezing eggplant is to decide how you will use the thawed vegetable.  Eggplant can be frozen in slices for future eggplant parmesan dinners or as the roasted flesh for soups and dips.

To freeze the eggplant in slices, wash the outside and cut into appropriate thickness slices. The slices will need to be blanched before freezing.  Simply bring a pot of water to a boil and add the eggplant slices.  They will only need four minutes in the boiling water.  Have a bowl of ice water ready.  When the four minutes is up, quickly transfer the eggplant slices to the ice bath to stop any cooking.  Remove the slices and place on a clean kitchen towel to dry a bit.  When the eggplant slices are relatively dry, place them in a freezer safe bag separated by wax paper.  The eggplant will be good in the freezer for 6-9 months and will only require a quick thaw when you are ready to use it.

If eggplant parmesan isn’t your favorite thing but eating eggplant seems like a good idea, try using the flesh in soups and dips.  To freeze eggplant for this type of use, the vegetable will need to be roasted first.  Simply wash the outside, poke several times with a fork and put in the oven on a roasting pan until the eggplant begins to collapse.  At this point you can take the eggplant out of the oven, cut it in half, and scoop out the flesh.  When the eggplant flesh has cooled to room temperature, you can package it into individual use quantities in either freezer safe containers or bags.



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