Can You Freeze Kombucha – How To Freeze Kombucha

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can you freeze kombucha
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Kombucha was brought to my attention by a dear friend who also happens to always be trying out the latest “health nut” fad.  Truth be told, she’s a very healthy person and I absolutely admire her consistency with her health.  If only I could go more than one day vowing to never eat potato chips again!

Anyway, when she told me not just that she was drinking kombucha but making it as well I was a little intrigued.  What kind of weird witch’s brew was this?  Well, she talked me through the process and it’s really rather simple.

There are plenty of “recipes” online to reference like this one the SCOBY and starter kits are amazingly available at .  Kombucha is a sweet tea drink that infused with healthy bacteria and cultures that result in an absolute powerhouse of healthy compounds for your body.

Can Kombucha Be Frozen?

There is some debate as to whether freezing kombucha will kill all of the “healthy” bacteria.  Simply putting the drink into the freezer would be considered a “slow freeze” and there is belief that this will harm the health benefits.  A “flash freeze” however is perfectly fine to prolong your kombucha and still get those great health benefits.

How To Freeze Kombucha

Since a “slow freeze” process of kombucha is thought to kill off many of the healthy bacteria and cultures of the drink this method is not recommended.  Using a “flash freeze” method is very easy to do and will prevent loss of those health benefits.

To flash freeze kombucha follow these easy steps:

  1. Transfer the kombucha to a sturdy plastic container or freezer bag leaving some room for expansion. If the kombucha is store bought and in a plastic container, it can be left in the original container.
  2. Prepare a large bowl with ice
  3. Place the kombucha into the ice, being sure to surround the drink completely with ice.
  4. Add water and ¼ cup of salt.  This will cause the water to become very cold and very quickly freeze the kombucha.
  5. When the kombucha is frozen, place it in the freezer ensuring that the temperature is maintained at 0°F.

The kombucha will fair well in the freezer for 3 months.  Leaving it longer may result in the breakdown of the bacteria and live cultures.

How To Thaw Kombucha

When it’s time to thaw your kombucha simply remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator.  The thawed kombucha should be consumed within a few days and should not be refrozen.

Freezing kombucha is definitely worth it over throwing away excess drink.  It takes hardly any effort and although it may not have every last bacteria or culture as the fresh beverage, it still retains many of the varied healthy compounds.

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