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can you freeze jicama
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Several years ago, my husband and I took an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  It was absolutely amazing in every way.  Seriously, the Mexican people are so special.  One of my favorite little snacks to order while lounging by the pool was the crudité platter.  So refreshing!  My absolute favorite part was the jicama sticks.  They were completely new to me and I fell madly in love with them.  Crunchy and kind of starchy but not heavy, they were perfect.

At the time I had literally neither heard of this vegetable nor noticed it in the grocery store, so I thought those crunchy bites would be out of my life forever once we left Mexico.  Thankfully, I was totally wrong!  They are actually pretty common in the produce section of larger grocery stores.  My next step was to learn a bit more about jicama so I could buy and use them effectively.

Jicama is a root vegetable much like a potato but it’s actually low in starch and high in fiber so it’s definitely considered a great food for weight loss.  Also, its overall health profile can’t be beat.  It has a load of great vitamins and minerals, and is a wonderful prebiotic. I just love being able to snack away and also know that I am actually feeding my body in such a healthy way and maybe losing weight too.

Jicama is available pretty much year round but is at its peak in the autumn.  Small to medium sized jicama has a sweeter taste with a crunchier bite as opposed to larger jicama.  The larger the root grows, the more the flavor will dissipate so in this case, smaller is better.  Look for smooth skin without blemishes or wet spots.

Can You Freeze Jicama?

Of course with the combination of my dread of grocery store visits and my love of this vegetable, I had to find out if I could successfully freeze it.  Thankfully, you can freeze jicama successfully.

How To Freeze Jicama

So maybe you got carried away and purchased a few too many jicama, or maybe you just want to get all the chopping done ahead of time.  It’s super convenient to be able to pull just the right amount out of the freezer whenever you want to.  Just follow these easy steps for future jicama yumminess.

Jicama can be frozen as the whole root if desired.  Simply wrap the root in aluminum foil and then place it in an airtight freezer container or bag.

With already sliced or chopped jicama:

  1. Be sure to pat the jicama dry. Moisture will not do your jicama any favors so get those pieces as dry as possible.
  2. Place them in airtight freezer containers or bags in the amount that you will need for one use. Thawed jicama will not last long and should be consumed right away.
  3. Label your containers/bags and place them in the freezer.

Jicama will last for 6 months in the freezer.  It may undergo some texture change, so frozen jicama is probably best used in stir-fry and other cooked dishes as opposed to say, a salad topper.

How To Thaw Jicama

Thawing Jicama is a breeze.  Simply grab the amount you need from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator overnight.  It will be ready to go the next day.

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