Can You Freeze Black Bean Dip – How To Freeze Black Bean Dip

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can you freeze black bean dip
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I have a real issue with snacking.  I swear I’m like a little kid I love my snacks so much!  One of my favorite things to munch on is chips or veggies with dip.  I’m not too picky but as a rule I really love the super fatty, cheesy dips.  So…since I know this isn’t the best option and my super-healthy husband turns up his nose in total disbelieve that I would even consider eating something like that, I have started making my own dips in large batches and freezing them in portion controlled amounts.

I love doing this because I can use all kinds of little calorie saving hacks that leave my dips just as satisfying but go easy on my waistline.  One my all-time favorite dips to make is black bean dip.  For starters, my daughter is absolutely in love with black beans so they are always in the house.  Plus, black beans pack a huge nutritional punch while still providing tasty, creamy goodness.  It’s really easy to whip up a homemade dip and trust me; I don’t even have a recipe.  Just experiment and use what you have on hand with your specific tastes in mind.  It will be great I know it!

Can you Freeze Black Bean Dip

So now you have a food processor full of nutritious, yummy black bean dip and all you want to do is plop down and use the whole bag of chips to eat it up.  OK that’s me not you, but still.  Thankfully black bean dip freezes very well and it’s truly a breeze to accomplish.

How to Freeze Black Bean Dip

Freezing black bean dip is so easy and it couldn’t be more convenient.  I freeze mine in personal, portion controlled amounts so that I am forced to only eat an actual human appropriate amount ;).  I typically use freezer safe containers for freezing my black bean dip although freezer bags would work as well.

  1. Simply fill your container of choice with the amount of black bean dip you will use at a time.
  2. Remove as much air as possible. Depending on the container this can be difficult.  If I have this issue I place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the dip pressing it down to remove any surface of the dip that will get air.
  3. Seal the container.
  4. Label and pop in the freezer.

The black bean dip will be good in the freezer for several months.

How to Thaw Black Bean Dip

To thaw the frozen black bean dip just pull in out of the freezer and place in the refrigerator overnight or for 6-8 hours.  I usually just pop some in the fridge in the morning and have a perfect bedtime snack ready to go.  It tastes great cold or warmed for a bit in the microwave.

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