Can You Freeze Ketchup – How To Freeze Ketchup

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can you freeze ketchup
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“Hold the ketchup, please.” said no one ever!  Ketchup has got to be one of the most beloved condiments of all time.  It tastes great on everything in my opinion.  I’m the person that puts ketchup on everything from French fries to scrambled eggs.  My son went so far as to spend one solid year of his life surviving on ketchup sandwiches.  So how could there ever be too much ketchup?

Here is my experience.  Because of my deep love for the tomato condiment, I am terrified of running out at home.  To combat this fear, I tend to buy way too many bottles of ketchup and then find them pushed way to the back of the pantry dangerously close to the expiration date.

Can You Freeze Ketchup?

Thankfully, freezing ketchup is not only super easy but also extremely successful.  Ketchup can last in the freezer seemingly indefinitely.

How To Freeze Ketchup

If you uncover that rogue bottle of ketchup in the back of the pantry,  do not fear!  If the ketchup is in a plastic, unopened bottle it works to just toss it into the freezer as is.  The plastic bottle allows for expansion and the seal will keep it airtight.

Now, if the ketchup is in a glass bottle or if it’s a half full container in the fridge that needs to be addressed, there will be a little more prep work.  The ketchup will need to be placed in freezer safe containers before placing in the freezer.  I like to use plastic containers as opposed to bags for this because it can be used ‘as is’ in the fridge after the ketchup is thawed.

Be sure to label the containers with the date, even though as I mentioned, ketchup holds up for a long while in the freezer.

How To Thaw Ketchup

To thaw your frozen ketchup, simply remove the container from the freezer and place on the counter or in the refrigerator until thawed.  The water content will most likely separate out, but a quick shake puts everything back in perfect working order.


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