My family loves to sit down together for a big family breakfast on Sunday morning.  Sadly, with all the crazy running during the week, it’s one of the few times we can guarantee everyone will be available at the same time.  It also allows mom and dad to relax and splurge on some yummy breakfast goodies when we would otherwise be super health focused. Eggs and sausage are the usual menu items but everyone is elated when I break down and say I will make…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Waffle Batter – How To Freeze Waffle Batter”

Fresh, sweet, slightly warm donuts; is there anyone that doesn’t love them?  I could not imagine it.  I do know that my children really love donuts.  From powdered sugar donut holes to icing covered, filling stuffed donuts, they love them all.  Of course these special treats are best enjoyed fresh, but what if after everyone has fulfilled their sugar needs leftover donuts still remain? Can You Freeze Iced Donuts? Freezing those leftover donuts is a great way to preserve their sugary goodness.  Donuts covered in…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Iced Donuts – How To Freeze Iced Donuts”

I have a real issue with snacking.  I swear I’m like a little kid I love my snacks so much!  One of my favorite things to munch on is chips or veggies with dip.  I’m not too picky but as a rule I really love the super fatty, cheesy dips.  So…since I know this isn’t the best option and my super-healthy husband turns up his nose in total disbelieve that I would even consider eating something like that, I have started making my own dips…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Black Bean Dip – How To Freeze Black Bean Dip”

Kombucha was brought to my attention by a dear friend who also happens to always be trying out the latest “health nut” fad.  Truth be told, she’s a very healthy person and I absolutely admire her consistency with her health.  If only I could go more than one day vowing to never eat potato chips again! Anyway, when she told me not just that she was drinking kombucha but making it as well I was a little intrigued.  What kind of weird witch’s brew was…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Kombucha – How To Freeze Kombucha”

I just absolutely love using fresh herbs when cooking.  To me, there is really nothing that tastes more like summer than that earthy freshness.  My mom is a master with using up all of the herbs that she grows.  She makes pesto, various herb salts, and herb butters.  All are delicious, but unfortunately my husband is the aforementioned health nut and salt and butter are big no-nos with him.  So I found a healthier way to use olive oil to preserve my yummy fresh herbs. …Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Olive Oil – How To Freeze Olive Oil”

I have spent my adult life wanting so badly to call myself a gardener.   The overwhelming pride of feeding your family the fruits of the soil in your very backyard seems somehow magical to me.  Unfortunately, it took my husband finally pointing out that although I till the soil and plant the seeds, nothing ever actually grows.  Feeding my family is certainly never going to happen from the big mess that is the reality of my backyard garden.  There is one exception however and that…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Basil – How To Freeze Basil”

Coffee made from fresh grounds has a better aroma, more flavor, and a sweeter taste.  When you buy coffee from a grocery store the canister will have a best before date on it which may range in days or months from the time the coffee was roasted.  Buying coffee from bulk bins will mean that the grounds have been exposed to light and oxidation which will affect the freshness of the grounds.  Coffee grounds that are beyond their best before date may produce coffee that…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Coffee – How To Freeze Coffee”

The Mediterranean-inspired flavor of hummus makes it a versatile condiment with many uses.  Made of mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic, this delectable spread can be used as a condiment on sandwiches or as a dip for roasted pita chips, crackers, or vegetables. Hummus is full of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals but it is low in both sodium and cholesterol making it a great alternative to higher fat dips and spreads.  You can buy hummus or make it yourself….Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Hummus – How to Freeze Hummus”

If there is one food item that my impossibly picky son will always eat its tacos.  The boy really loves Mexican food and tacos are far and away his favorite.  His picky eater rule list however in no way stops him from being forever starving making my job a real challenge. I find that when I make a batch of taco meat he will eat it for two days but then any other leftovers tend to go to waste.  Throwing out food is just a…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Tacos – How To Freeze Tacos”

Kefir grains are used in the making of kefir which is a drink with the consistency of a yogurt drink.  You can drink it as is or use it in a smoothie.  You can also drain the whey and use the remaining part to make kefir cheese which is great to use for homemade dips and dressings. Kefir has probiotic benefits which more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of ingesting.  Do to Kefir milks growing popularity, many people are making it…Continue Reading “Can You Freeze Kefir Grains- How To Freeze Kefir Grains”